Arthritis - RegeneMax® Plus

Arthritis - RegeneMax® Plus

Arthritis has become a modern epidemic affecting 1 out of every 4 people in the U.S. This condition can lead to permanent joint damage and cartilage loss causing chronic pain, stiffness, and mobility problems. Whether you have osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, decreasing inflammation is key. This can be done through diet, supplementshealing the gut and chronic infections, and reducing food sensitivities. Adding a supplement can help rebuild connective tissue.

RegeneMax® Plus:The main ingredient in RegeneMax is Silicon and Choline Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid, which naturally helps nourish your body’s beauty proteins by supporting and activating enzymes used by collagen-generating cells to make collagen. 

* Promotes connective tissue formation for healthy joint* Supports bone flexibility and supports healthy bone mineral density* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles* Thickens and strengthens hair and nails

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