COVID LONG HAULERS - Reducing Inflammation

COVID LONG HAULERS - Reducing Inflammation

It’s been more than a year since the beginning of the pandemic, and we are learning that there are many ways that COVID-19 can cause chronic health issues. Inflammation caused by the virus has been postulated to contribute to some of the symptoms experienced by COVID long haulers.  Reducing inflammation can help our immune system function better and reduce lasting effects from illness.

Here are a few ways to reduce inflammation naturally:

Anti-inflammatory diet- Diet can be a major contributor of inflammation. The anti-inflammatory diet consists of high consumption of vegetables, fruit, legumes (beans and lentils), whole grains, fish, lean protein, spices, nuts, and seeds. Be sure to combine with the lower consumption of both refined carbohydrates and processed foods.

Garlic- Garlic exhibits excellent anti-inflammatory properties. For the greatest benefits, let crushed or chopped cloves stand for 10 minutes before cooking. Add garlic for flavor to all your dishes- stews, soups, chicken, beef, eggs, and cooked vegetables.

Melatonin- Functional medicine practitioners are using melatonin for prevention and symptom improvement from COVID-19 infection. Melatonin is mostly known for regulating our sleep-wake cycle, but it is also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory with immune enhancing properties. Studies suggest melatonin is an effective anti-viral and shows therapeutic and protective effects on the respiratory system.

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