Leaky Gut Protocol – Protein

The leaky gut protocol is a combination of products which when blended together with water, unsweetened coconut or almond milk provides a shake that contains a variety of ingredients to help support normal intestinal barrier function. The shake provides nutrients to help decrease intestinal inflammation and probiotics to reestablish a more normal gut flora. The shake contains a bovine derived immunoglobulin complex, derived from the colostrum or breast milk of dairy cattle or egg derived immunoglobulin complex. These immunoglobulins or antibodies help to support immune function in the gut.

Although the immunoglobulin complex is derived from breast milk or egg (depending on the recommended protocol for you), it is not the same as drinking milk or eating eggs. Most of our patients with a dairy or egg intolerances do not have adverse reactions. Check with your provider if you have reactions to one of these and are concerned about a possible reaction. The protocol is most effective when used in combination with an elimination diet.

We work with certified nutritionists who can help guide you. For more information about implementing the leaky gut protocol, an elimination diet or other nutritional changes, call the office (303-343-3121) or visit our website for more information www.thecaregrouppc.com

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