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Educational Seminar

Educational Seminar

Americans now spend more than $2 trillion a year on healthcare - more than any other country in the world - and the cost increases keep coming. Meanwhile, we're all receiving conflicting and confusing reports about what we should or shouldn't do in order to take care of ourselves.

Take Charge of Your Health seminar is to help you to cut through the confusing health information and truly understand how to take charge of your health. We are passionate about educating the community.

In this seminar, we come to your location to discuss:

• What is functional medicine?

• The autoimmune epidemic real?

• Is leaky gut the root cause of the autoimmune epidemic?

• What supplements should you take?

This presentation is ideal for employer groups looking to offer their employees simple ways to stay healthy. The attached trailer is an example of an in-person presentation from 2018 given to an employer group.

The rate for this seminar varies with size and location of the group.

Wondering if this seminar is right for your group? Call or email us today.

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