Frequently Asked Questions


Shop the Care Group LLC transitioned to online only with its practitioner grade supplements available through two dispensaries' websites, WholeScripts and Fullscript. We are still available online at, email at, or phone at 303-884-5723. All supplements are shipped as we no longer have a physical location.

WholeScripts® (Xymogen)

Shop the Care Group products are all available online in the Shop the Care Group dispensary with Xymogen's WholeScripts eStore

We will no longer have the private label on products as Shop the Care Group. 

You can still find your favorite New Chapter® and Ortho Molecular Products® at competitive prices as well on the Shop the Care Group dispensary on 

The Shop the Care Group labelled products are shown below with replacement names.

Shop the Care Group Xymogen
MagAbsorb OptiMag® 125
UltraOmega OmegaPure 900 EC™
Ultra D3 2000 D3 2000
GastroCare ProbioMax® DF
GastroCare Plus ProbioMax® Plus DF
UltraCleanse OptiCleanse® GHI
Brain Balance OptiMag® Neuro
Complete Protein FIT Food® Lean Complete
Ultra Liver Liver Protect
Vitalize ATP Ignite

To register with WholeScripts eStore an email address is required. The Shop the Care Group dispensary is accessed with referral code, SHOPTHECAREGROUP, and Practitioner, GUILLORY.


Dr. Guillory's Shop the Care Group dispensary on Fullscript is accessed with this link.

Fullscript™ dispensary carries Ortho Molecular Products® or New Chapter® supplements, which may be recommended by your practitioner.


One of the benefits for using these new platforms is a 10% discount automatically applied at checkout. No code required when using the SHOP THE CARE GROUP dispensary link.